Saturday, May 22, 2010

Double Post!!!!!

Kittens, Kittens, and more Kittens!! Three of our last years kittens had kittens of there own, thirteen to be exact! If anybody wants one, or two, or all;) Let us know!!!!
Some of the cuties in the dog house:)
One momma and her babies:P

Dalton, Tater, and Critter:D

All the little kittens in a row!!!!

Was so cute I couldn't resist:}
Jordin's Trip to Texas
Thanks to the Turner family, I was able to go to our Homeschool conference in Big Sandy.
I had lots of fun and got to serve on staff.

The opening session! Always awesome.

Cute Ellen (in plaid dress) singing!!

Sweet Emily in the student choir:)

The entire student choir and orchestra!!!

Adorable little cutie and I:D

Thank you so much to the Turners for letting me tag along. It was a great conference and God really did work that week!


  1. Awww....the kittens are adorable! Love you guys!


  2. Wow..I had no idea y'all had so many kittens! Hope you had a great time on your trip, Jordin.